Harry Potter Golden Snitch Wreath

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This wreath was inspired by the elusive Golden Snitch and is based upon the book description.

"Whilst most people looked for a suitable alternative bird to chase, a metal-charmer called Bowman Wright from Godric's Hollow had a different idea: he invented a fake Snidget which he called the Golden Snitch. His invention was pretty much what we see on the Quidditch pitch today: a golden ball with silver wings, the same size and weight as a real Snidget, bewitched to accurately follow its flight patterns." – History of Quiditch

Wreath is about 18 inches in length and 10 inches in height. This is the perfect size for any harry potter lover's wall, door, or even nursery! Catch your own Snitch TODAY!

Depending on sales these wreaths may be made to order but will not vary in appearance in any way unless discussed with the seller. Seller will make the customer aware if the wreath is pre-made or being made to order.

Each wreath is suitable for display on a outdoor door, if protected from direct exposure to the elements, or display on a wall in your home.

Proudly display your inner geek through out your home!

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